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Swim with 07 Species of Sharks in the Maldives

Only in Fuvahmulah Island, in the Sunny Side of Life

Fuvahmulah, located on the very edge of the Sunny Side of Life, is a single island atoll that makes up one-half of the Southern Heart of the Maldives, together with Addu. A lovely little volcanic island with a slew of mangroves, wetlands, freshwater lakes, marshes and taro fields, Fuvahmulah gives off a very different vibe from the rest of the Maldives. This UNESCO Biosphere Reserve is truly a destination to experience the local way of life in the archipelago with a distinct dialect, unique cuisine, and a series of historical monuments and sites that give insight into the life of the Maldives of yore. 

There is one other thing that Fuvahmulah is famous for worldwide though, and that is as a haven for divers. The biodiversity of the reefs surrounding Fuvahmulah is second to none in the Maldives, especially when it comes to sharks. A total of 7 species of sharks regularly frequent the waters in and around Fuvahmulah, and with a little bit of luck and plenty of preparation, you may be able to see all 7 in a single dive!

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