Your Fuvahmulah Adventure

One-island atoll of wonders

Begin your Fuvahmulah Journey

Fuvahmulah is about 5 km in length and hence you have plenty of exciting places to explore during your visit. Only a few roads are paved leaving room for a true local commuting experience.

Bicycles are a good means of transportation. Most guest houses can arrange bicycles on rental or free. Motorbikes are the most popular and common means of transportation on the island. 

Taxis are available on the island. You would need to call taxi operators and book. Roadside hailing is not common.

Visit Fuvahmulah – A 3 Day Itinerary

Start your day in this unique one island atoll with a guided tour. Learn about the unique history of the island Visit Haviththa, an ancient buddhist stupa Explore Vasho Vevu, a historic communal water well that boasts intricate coral stone craftsmanship from ancient Maldivian artisans. Explore forests, marshes, wetlands, farmlands, lakes, and mangroves.


Explore diverse coral ecosystems Thriving pelagic underwater life Guaranteed tiger shark sightings at the ‘Tiger Zoo’ Go fishing with locals at sunset to catch some Kattelhi (snake mackerel) Wrap up your day with a traditional ‘Kattelhi Garudhiya’ meal, Fuvahmulah’s signature dish Complete the meal with fresh taro from the farmlands Try a delectable Fuvahmulah Hunihakuru for dessert.


Hit the famous ‘ thoondu’ beach, the only beach break in Maldives. Swim in the natural swimming pools on the white-gold beach, locally known as Bissaaveli. Take a therapeutic mud bath at Kodakilhi. Enjoy swimming, canoe riding, and pedal boating in Fuvahmulah Nature Park Add some scenic boardwalk memoires to your travel diary.

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Surfing in Fuvahmulah is a unique experience that everyone who loves the sea and surfing can enjoy. You can even get expert help from the local pro surfers and guides who monitor the waves for you and assist you in organising your surf adventures in Fuvahmulah.

Thoondu is the only beach break ideal for wave surfing in the Maldives. You can experience the exhilarating “washing machine effect” created when the waves break on the beach The beach itself comprises smooth and shiny pebbles – not found in other areas of the Maldives.


The best time for surfing is during the south-west monsoon, between June and August.


Enjoy this unique experience with one of the most active and engaging local surfing communities in the Maldives.


Fuvahmulah diving sites are the best for pelagice scuba diving in Maldives with healthy coral reefs, megafauna and biodiversity, thriving all year around… Seven rare sharks are found in Fuvahmulah diving sites, including the elusive thresher sharks.

Exploring the exquisite dive sites around this one island atoll is a never to be missed experience if you are an underwater enthusiast.

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