Travel to Addu Atoll

The timeless appeal of the Southern heart of Maldives.

How to get to addu

Connectivity for tourists to arrive in Gan International Airport. Head to their website for flight information on domestic and international flights. 


Originally built by the British as a staging post for its RAF during 1950s and was handed over to the Maldivian Government in 1976 with almost an equivalent of an ICAO code 4D air strip comprising of then state of the art equipment and facilities.


Regional & Global Connections

Gan International Airport (GIA) is now open to the world as a gateway to the Maldives from the southern tip of Maldives.


Domestic Connections

Sea Planes and Domestic Flights from Gan International Airport enable travelers to save time of their journey to remote tourist destinations or other atolls.

The airport is connected to Colombo via Sri Lankan airlines.

There are several daily flights between Male’ city and Addu atoll via the domestic airline, Maldivian. Plan and book your next trip to Addu Atoll through Maldivian.
For more information, head to: Maldivian

Addu city is home to the longest link road in the country, stretching from the capital of Addu atoll, all the way to the airport island, Gan.
You can travel around Addu atoll by road or by ferry.
You can book and plan your trip around Addu atoll using the southern transport link provided by Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC) .
For more information, head to: MTCC

A more affordable and adventurous way to travel to Addu atoll is to begin your voyage on a cargo boat from Male’ and set sail through the atolls while making stops at local islands along the way. This journey can take 2-3 days, and definitely is a once in a lifetime adventure, to discover the true beauty of Maldives.

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