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Addu is a relatively unexplored atoll in the Maldives, but with easier accessibility, it is emerging as a must visit destination. 


Things to do in the southern heart of Maldives:

  • Bicycle around the lush lakeside, mangrove trees and vegetation. 
  • Take a boat ride and snorkel at the colourful house reef.
  • Canoe around the mangroves of Maldives while having a taste of adventure.
  • Go scuba diving in the best dive spots and witness the superb marine life.
  • Chase the thrill while enjoying various water sports activities.
  • Take a sunset dolphin cruise and fall in love with the southern heart of Maldives.
  • Experience big game fishing while on an excursion with experienced fishermen. 
  • Go island hopping and experience the local culture.
  • Take a tour with a tour guide and learn about the rich history of Addu.
  • Visit Addu nature park and get lost in the beauty of nature.


Visit Addu – A 3 Day Itinerary

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Join Addu Sport Fishing, an enthusiastic team of fishermen who can take you to the best fishing areas in Addu. Here is a short Q&A with the team at Addu Sport Fishing. To book your fishing trip and for more information, contact Anif and the lovely team.

Q&A with the team at ‘Addu Sport Fishing’

  • What do you commonly catch in Addu?

    Swordfish and bigeye tuna. black snoek, pomfret, oilfish, Yellowfin Tuna, giant trevally, Barracuda, Dogtooth Tuna, sailfish, Marlin, Groupers, Red Snapper, ruby snapper and many more reef fish species.

  • What are the types of fishing you practice?

    Jigging, popping, trolling, Deep drop fishing, light tackle fishing.

  • What is special about fishing in Addu?

    We are very fortunate to have some of the best spots in the Maldives for deep drop fishing around Addu atoll.

  • Any rules and regulations you follow?

    We follow national fishing rules and regulations. We also follow sustainable and ethical angling practices to ensure this sport is around for future generations.

  • Do you go to spots around the atoll to fish?




Explore the depths of Addu reefs and join Aquaventure Maldives for an unforgettable experience.

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