The Guest House culture in Maldives

Crystal clear seas, powdery white sand and indulgence beyond measure are three things that come to mind whenever the Maldives is mentioned. Whilst the country is famous for its unique beauty and extravagant resorts, it is not solely dedicated to the wealthy tourist – it offers various accommodation options catering to a diverse range of preferences. These facilities are broadly categorized into four types: resorts, hotels, guesthouses and liveaboards.

A dozen ways to live like a local

Maldives epitomises luxury and romance at its best. However, there are so many things that tourists can do which do not fit into these two categories. If you are looking to travel on a budget or simply go backpacking – or island hopping as they call it – there are so many amazing activities you can fit into your itinerary without the fear of emptying your wallets.

Pick a direction in Maldives and Let’s Go!

You’ve heard others call it “paradise on earth”. What is so special about the Maldives, you wonder. You know you’ve got to see it for yourself, but you’re not interested in a curated experience. You want to explore at your own pace, to pick a random direction and just go and have flexibility over your schedule, your plans and your time. In fact, you don’t wanna plan it all out before you go either, you just want to see where the flow takes you.

Mythical “Paree Fengandu” a must visit spot in Gan

Often described as paradise on earth, the islands of Maldives are more than just sun, sand, and sea. These islands, scattered across the ocean like gems, have countless man-made and natural attractions, often untouched and naturally abundant. The historical stories behind some of these breathtaking sights are fascinating to say the least.

10 Reasons to visit the Southern Heart of the Maldives, Addu City

In the southernmost point of the Maldivian archipelago lies Addu City, a magically distinctive place imbued with rich history and magnificent panoramas. The historical significance, and captivating sights and sounds of Addu is not the only reason you need to put this city on your bucket list of places to visit. Addu boasts unique culture, traditions, language, and food that you would definitely fall in love with. It is also a place which offers you the best of both worlds, providing a perfect combination of luxury and local life. If you are seeking to break away from the norm of staying in an isolated resort, and thinking of spending the days exploring the wonders of the Maldives, both on land and in the sea, this is the place to be.

06 Eco-Rich areas to visit in the Maldives for a holiday in tune with nature

The Maldives, located in the middle of the equator, is an island nation with something for every kind of holidaymaker, be it those looking for a family vacation, fun in the sun, a romantic getaway, or even a relaxing solo journey reconnecting with yourself. For the conscious traveller especially, the Maldives is a veritable paradise of untouched natural habitats filled with a variety of unique wildlife, flora, and fauna. This International Day of Tropics, we celebrate the diversity of the Maldives’ ecosystems by bringing you 06 eco-rich areas in the Maldives to visit for a holiday in tune with nature.

The timeless love story of Marian, with love from the Maldives

There are many love stories which are connected to the Maldives and its beautiful shores. Some are filled with tales of lovers meeting on our beaches, making promises of forever, others about lovers coming to us to celebrate their matrimony or love, to spending a honeymoon or introducing their little ones to this special place. One such tale that touched our hearts deeply is the story of Allen and Marian Hartigan, a British couple whose life got inseparably intertwined with the Maldives.

The curious case of White Terns & Flying Foxes

Island biodiversity is unique. Island biodiversity has long intrigued ecologists and nature conservationists throughout history. The isolated nature of the Maldivian islands shapes unique ecosystems. Islands teeming with biodiversity is testimony to the grace of nature- wherever there is sun and rainfall, she will make her grand and lush appearance. Island ecosystems are unfortunately more fragile, but often home unique, endangered species

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